How the Hordes Hurried
By Bart Vogelzang

Recently, I discovered a very interesting and informative website. It has a timeline animation of same sex marriage and same sex partnership rights, indicated state by state, starting January 1990 and ending with the current situation. Using colors to represent the various levels of acceptance or otherwise, it gives a wonderfully clear picture of what has happened. Just to add to the usefulness, the author has also included the option of a cartogram format, which shows the state sizes in relation to their populations, as opposed to their physical size. This more clearly allows one to understand how many people suffer the consequences of the various state legislative decisions. You can find it here: The color chart shows: marriage legal, civil unions legal, civil unions with some rights legal, none/unclear, marriage illegal, civil unions illegal, marriage illegal in constitution, and civil unions illegal in constitution.

In January 1990 there were only a few states that had marriage being illegal, Maryland, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona, with all the rest having same sex marriage in an unclear limbo with no mention at all. It was in January 1995 that Utah made same sex marriage illegal, marking the first shift. It took another year, till January 1996, for the harrying hordes to hamper homosexuals with further legislation. Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee all enacted legislation to make same sex marriage illegal, with Idaho going an even more repressive route by also banning civil unions. Delaware followed the same path, banning marriage in December, followed the next month by further banning of same sex marriage in Florida, Indiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, and North Dakota, and Montana following Idaho’s route with also banning civil unions. At this point 25 states had enacted repressive and clearly discriminatory legislation, with only Hawaii defying the trend, by permitting civil unions with limited rights legal.

What is really noticeable about this is that the Gay Agenda is NOT driven by the homosexual community, but is in fact driven by the homophobic and repressive hordes, who are only too willing to discriminate and use any means to do so, including passing laws. Rather than being the land of the free, the USA has rapidly, in only 7 years, slid towards becoming a repressive country.

Two more states decided to repress loving legal relationships between same sex people during 1997. In 1998 a court decision in Alaska proved marriage was legal, but it took less than a year to have the hordes hound the politicians into making a change to the Constitution to make marriage illegal there. Several more states joined the repression, and it was September 1999 before California granted civil unions with some rights, followed almost immediately by Proposition 8 banning same sex marriage. Almost a year later, Vermont passed civil union rights, the most major win for equality so far, and the first away from the Pacific Coast. Not to be seen as neutral on this issue, Nebraska decided to go further than anyone had done, and passed a Constitutional amendment making not only marriage, but also civil unions illegal.

With the exception of Washington DC making civil unions legal, the homophobes plotted on with their Gay Agenda, until another court decision, in Massachusetts, made same sex marriage legal. In quick succession, in 2004, a whole host of states added legislation to their Constitutions banning both marriage and civil unions.

By 2005, fifteen years after what had been a country with essential neutrality on the issue, the country was nearly inundated with discriminatory homophobic legislation, with the courts being the strongest defenders of minority rights, and a few states throwing in the right to civil unions. It would take another four years, until April 2009 before the first state actually made same sex marriage legal, with Connecticut taking the honors. Other states, which had the courts rule against the homophobes, didn’t seek to amend their laws, and several others changed theirs to allow civil unions.

When you look at the map now, the Pacific Coast, and the northeastern states bordering the Atlantic Ocean have the most acceptable situations, with the middle of the country still being a virtual wash of red-hot discrimination and suppression.

Never let it be said that there is no Gay Agenda, but let it be known by all that it was not an agenda by the loving and peaceful homosexual couples; the Gay Agenda is purely and simply a despicable creation by the homophobes, who, in their usual manner, reversed the truth to deceive the public.