Sex Is Not A Sin
By Desmond Rutherford

To be rational, logical and real, the human male only has one biological function, and that is to ejaculate.

If you want to think that some god made males, then that is what he made them to do...ejaculate. If such ejaculation occurs near, on, or most particularly in a female then it's likely she will become pregnant. If such ejaculation occurs near other males then it is likely to start a chain reaction of ejaculations.

Intellectually however, humanity is about thinking, and we can think up god theories, or we can realise that we are capable of loving each other and expressing that love with other adults, sexually.

This wasn't understood in the Bronze age when god was invented by man to explain humanity's self-awareness. Instead, we limited ourselves with ideas of sexual guilt, fear and shame. It's a wonder we survived at all.

Today's freedom for the sexual expression of our love for each other is recognised as the individual human right to determine with whom we wish to have an ejaculation, so long as that is what they want as well. If you both want to do so regularly, then you should have the freedom to marry each other.

Religions have no right to reproach, restrict, repress or oppress people who are simply doing what nature intends them to do; masturbate, fornicate, and ejaculate.

Humanity has enriched the sexual experience by recognising ejaculation has greater satisfaction when we use it to express our affinity for each other...our love. Love is beyond sexual orientation; Love is the only sane and satisfactory reason for life.

Repeat after me, "Sex is not a sin."