The Family of Anti-Christs
by Desmond Rutherford

Let's just pretend for a moment that the Anti-Christ 'Family' organisations manage to prevail and succeed in preventing equal human rights for same sex marriage, or let's push the envelope a little further and ask what would happen if they should be successful in returning homosexual acts to being a criminal offence.

Setting aside even the possibility of violent resistance to such a law, if it happened, then America as a whole, or state by state, would lose its credibility as the land of the free.
The brave, of course, would continue to work towards equality, but could the U.S. really continue to claim itself to be the greatest nation on Earth if it continues to restrict the freedom of its citizens, against the rights enshrined in its own Constitution?

Christians are so accustomed to their Bible being misconstrued, misinterpreted, and reinterpreted over and over again by anyone who regards themselves as having direct communication with God, that they readily accept the same kind of irrational rendering of the Constitution.

It's as if the only thing that self-proclaimed prophets have learned from their Bible studies is how to target a verse or a clause to suit their own objectives, and to Hell (literally if they could) with anyone who thinks differently from them. Worse yet, they fail to realise that their bigoted view is hypocritical, and that they pervert the meaning of the Christian message of love, into an activist hatred presented with unctuous sanctimony.

That these scurrilous priests and prophets have infiltrated the ranks and leadership of organised Christian religions is sad but not surprising given the violence perpetrated by the church in the barbarous Crusades and the bloody-minded self-righteousness of the Inquisition. That they do it now, to manipulate donations and money from the underprivileged, undereducated, and the deprived, is worthy of condemnation by the God they claim to worship.

Taking those monetary extractions to bolster their own lifestyles is surpassed only by their supercilious disregard for the welfare of those whom they increasingly disadvantage, physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually.

Their misinterpretation of both Scripture and the Constitution renders them a direct and constant danger to the secular objectives of governance in the United States of America.
It also threatens the freedom of religious worship and freedom from religious demands. Their active threat of attempting to install a theocratic alternative to the secular government puts the U.S. on a comparable path to the other theocratic governments around the world, which limit the freedoms of their population to the detriment of everyone's Universal Human Rights.

If the people of the U.S.A. want the rest of the world to recognise their claim of being the greatest nation in the world, then they must continue to liberate their own people from the restrictions of outdated scriptural dogma, especially where they are used to deprive people of the opportunity for the pursuit of individual happiness.

Recognising the right of two people, regardless of gender, to register their relationship as a marriage would be an excellent start in deposing the horrors of unequal treatment by means of unnecessary and unfair laws.

If the self-proclaimed Family organisations are to divorce themselves from association with the Anti-Christ, and contribute positively to the modern American culture, then it is time for them to abandon the cabalism of antiquated laws and doctrine, and understand the universal and equitable nature of the Christian message of Love.