The Right Size

By Bart Vogelzang

It was small. Maybe not as small as some, but definitely small. Nevertheless, it was pretty nearly perfect, to me.

At the thick end, there was gorgeous blondish down, seemingly marching upwards, struggling to retain its strength, until it reached the end, where nothing could possibly grow. Rigid. There was a vein, or maybe it was an artery, I’m certainly no medic, pulsing blood, giving it the most luscious and warm skin tones I could ever expect to see. Beyond that, from where the skin stopped, I could see deep pink, tipped, finally, with a tiny bit of pearly white.

One touch from me, and it twitched in ecstasy. I brought my eyes close, to drink in the image of this precious member, then, feeling its inner warmth, brought it to my nose. A slightly masculine scent, not really musky, just sort of earthy, greeted me, welcomed me, enticed me. Hesitantly, I let my tongue slide out from between my lips. In moments, our relationship was going to move to an entirely different level. My mouth has forever been my bastion, and my weakness. It was with anticipation that I was about to breach this barrier, this strength, and this vulnerability.

I touched it with my tongue, and a shiver rippled through me. Electric currents seemed to pulse into my body. Completely out of control, I opened my lips, and took it in, deeply, as far as my lover’s thumb would go.

© 2007, Bart Vogelzang. All Rights Reserved.