Point of View
By Bart Vogelzang

“Pete,” my best bud, Doug, said as he nudged me. “Look at that old fat dude over there. He’s been eying us for minutes now.”

“Eww. Sick. Thank goodness there’s lots of people around. He can’t do much here.”

“No shit. I wonder why they get like that. Must be the third one this week.”

“Truth…seems like all these old dudes start perving on us teens when they get old.”

“We better go change. Looks like he’s not ready to go yet,” Doug stated, “and we’ll be safe enough.” He got up from the edge of the Aquatic Center hot swirl pool, and I quickly followed him.

“Ah,” Gregory sighed, as the two young lads, barely visible to his old eyes while at the swirl pool, moved to almost complete invisibility after only a few springy steps. ‘I remember swimming with my best friend, and laughing, just like that. I wonder if they have any idea of how fast it all goes by, and all you have left are some memories; and if you’re lucky enough, a glimpse of their vitality as they pass by.’

Gregory then looked myopically in the direction of some giggling young girls, whose voices reminded him of his great granddaughters, seeing mostly a blur.

© Bart Vogelzang 2009 All Rights Reserved