Sauna Shock
by Bart Vogelzang

Kyle shuddered as fingers stroked his back. Despite the heat of the sauna; despite the sweat dripping from his nose and chin, and running down his torso, he couldn’t help the involuntary shudders as the delicate touches wove their way from his neck to his butt; shoulder to shoulder, and started to circle his waist.

Eyes closed, dreaming of his love, he was immersed fully in his fantasy. The fingers traced his muscles, they followed his spine, they tweaked that little bit of the waistline he was developing, they randomly followed the little lines of sweat that gently ran down his body. He groaned softly, and began to stroke his own thighs, nearing his private parts, whilst the fingers kept doing their intimate tour around his back and sides, ever increasing his ‘oh so pleasing’ daydream.

Suddenly Kyle jerked awake. Oh My God. What was he doing? He was in the public sauna at the local community pool, and there might be people in there with him. His worst fears were realized as he saw two older men watching him. He felt like dying of embarrassment.

But what was this? They were both giving him the ‘thumbs up’, and were smiling happily at him.

Suddenly Kyle noticed the fingers were still stroking his skin with a butterfly touch. What the hell? He hadn’t been dreaming that? He turned like a flash and all his worries were instantly gone. He broke into a beatific smile as he saw Jeff, his one and only, sitting there, with a contented and nearly smug grin on his face.

© 2010. Bart Vogelzang All Rights Reserved