The River
By Bart Vogelzang

The new pool facility was lovely, with a competition sized swimming area, water slides, children’s play pool, wave pool, sauna, and steam room. However, the best was “The River”. From the looks of it, mostly guys liked this, with only a few females, most watching demurely from the side.

Only 3 feet deep, the warm water was propelled around a nearly 100 foot circular channel only two people wide, by numerous jets, all bubbling furiously. Everyone entering was pretty much swept off their feet in seconds. Bill was no exception.

Tossed, turned and churned, he circulated with reckless abandon, his goggles saving his vision, and rising to gasp for breath several times during each round. He would stretch out full length at times, and at others curl into a ball, to be rolled along in the maelstrom. Suddenly, it all changed.

Someone had decided to stop and had struggled to a standing position, holding on to the side with a grip of steel. Mind you, Bill couldn’t see that, as numerous others had already crashed into the human barrier, creating a logjam of bodies. Bill barely saw the jam before he crashed into the wriggling mass. Hands, arms, legs, feet and torsos were everywhere; slipping, sliding, grasping, gasping as they worked their way lose.

Bobbing to the surface after getting free, Bill was crying, soul wracking sobs, as he was pulled around once again. Nobody could see his tears, and his deep gasping breaths as he surfaced seemed to be the result of his exertions, however, that was far from the reality. For the first time in nearly a decade Bill had enjoyed physical touch with other human beings, and he was overcome.

© 2009 Bart Vogelzang All Rights Reserved