Human Perception and the Restoration of Reality
By Desmond Rutherford

The Restoration of the Human Perception of Reality

As President of Restoration - AGENDA (Agnostic Gay Equality Natural Development Association), I am delighted to announce that I am currently looking at opening a restorative therapy clinic for the religiously indoctrinated, including those severely damaged psyches often found in fanatical fundamental fringe family groups.

If we exam the past conditions of lost opportunities we can see that human cognition has suffered certain misapprehensions in its natural development. None have been more influential than the entanglement of our thoughts with reality.

Therein, is an ancient and longstanding confrontation between what we think, and what is real. Restoration - AGENDA’s aim is to restore the individual perception of reality without the confusions of thought creating false conclusions.

An early example of such confusion was the attempt to assign natural events, like thunder and lightning to a god. Why would our ancestors have done that…were they crazy? Were the gods crazy? Were we crazy to believe in the gods? In a word, “Yes!” Think about who gets blamed for earthquakes. That’s right…homosexuals, but then I have often felt that the Earth moved for me.

At ‘Restoration - AGENDA’, we aim to counter the craziness that has become institutionalised in so many cultures since our predecessors first banded together in order to survive. That primitive social structure however, did not explain our invention of gods. Something else happened to our prehistoric ancestors, on their journey from pre-sentience to approaching sapience. Some of them seemed to be incipient; they didn’t quite make it, which might explain why some religious fanatics seem to have a missing link.

What happened? What led our ancestors to assume the existence of gods?

It is all too common to treat these questions as if psychoanalysis can provide a satisfactory answer when the neurosis has not yet materialised as a psychotic disorder. Reality at that point is not so much missing or distorted, as it is only subject to suspect behaviour. When reality is obscured by a thought, then the psychosis is underway. When thought adopts a symbol of a reality, it is useful for the purposes of investigating a hypothesis or for communicating with each other, but if the symbol is believed to be the reality, then insanity is not far from becoming a reality.

Therein lays the origin of the philosophical approach for psychoanalysis, not in its role as a treatment for a mental disorder, but as the search for truth. Such a search in human endeavour involves psychoanalysis in philosophical terms, alongside human history and social development.

You will be pleased to know that we won’t be looking at that subject in depth. However, we will need to realise the moment in human development in which our ego, as a process of self-awareness, misidentified the nature of thought as being God. Ii did this in much the same way that lightning and thunder were thought to be of the gods. It’s not that we thought of ourselves as God, which might have been more obvious, even appropriate for us, but that we believed that that thought was coming from God. That gave rise to quite a few people claiming that God told them to do something; whatever the ‘something’ was. You can see much the same thing when politicians claim God told them to run for office, although these days, such claims are little more than campaign slogans for the faithful.

Early Man, unable to differentiate between his thoughts, and the realities of the events he witnessed in his environment, used his newly developing intellect to think of an outside source for what he experienced, but could not reasonably explain.

Paradoxically, his questioning thought became an explanation of itself and outside of himself; he thought of a god as an explanation for all that he was, and what he was not. God only existed as a thought; a thought he believed in, with his intellect. This is why God has no name, our ego is asserting itself with God’s phrase, “I am that I am.” – made in Man’s image, as thought…our thought.

The process was correct. A hypothesis was proposed, “What if all of what I am and what I observe, have been made by a god?” The problem was that the hypothesis could not be tested, so the intellect provided its own seemingly reasoned answer…and the thought-belief in God’s existence was adopted as being real. Faith, untested, was accepted as if it were fact. And Man believed it, and he believed that it was good. The thought of God is a logical fallacy.

Unfortunately this displaces reality except in terms of a god; a very powerful god with access to all the power of human intellect. The perfectly natural and normal human curiosity to find the answer to existence was answered by our intellect with our own intellectual thoughts, instead of using them as a means to discover and analyse the truth of reality. This is sort of like trying to use our eyes to see themselves whilst ignoring the real world. Eyes wide shut.

The curiosity became a concern. The concern instigated a neurosis and when reality was confronted by ‘thought’ a psychosis developed; reality was in conflict with thought and then displaced by the untested thought. The inability to recognise reality as being distinct from the ‘thought’ of a god became our religious insanity; an insanity that was sacrilege to question.

Now, if simply stating this, was all that was needed to awaken people to the problem of this anthropical misuse of our cognitive abilities, then even this short look at the psychosis of religious belief might be sufficient to help those who were, as growing children, indoctrinated into substituting their powers of reason with faith in a god. Sadly, more than just revealing the psychosis of religious thought is needed to restore perception of reality, and that is where Restoration – AGENDA comes in.

LGBTQ people are ideally positioned to assist the restoration of human perception of reality, because each and everyone of them has had to confront the reality of their existence anew.

Restoring the full cognitive power of each of us is not the problem; it still exists even if irrational faith has sedated it. The real problem is that once the insanity of denying reality has taken hold, then many decisions are made, based on the same irrational thought processes that led to belief in a god. Hence the Dark Ages with all of its atrocities in the name of God. Hence cometh the fanaticism of religious cults, particularly their irrational obsession with sex and obedience.

There is no indication that God exists other than the so far, almost inexplicable, manifestation of the cosmos. Human beings living under the influence of their misconstrued thinking have written rules, laws and Holy texts as the basis for various faiths and treated them as coming from their god. Written in another age for other instances of the evolving human being, the most we might harvest from such texts are those humanitarian conduct codes of compassion and caring for each other but please note, they were written by humans, not gods.

Our AGENDA is to help the individual in Restoration of the proper relationship between reality and intellect…that’s intellect which uses facts, and not its own thoughts as if they are real, at least until they can be tested scientifically and proven.
Until we can restore the original capacity to differentiate between thought and reality, we will continue to believe in superstitions whose times have been, and should by now, have gone.

If we refuse to allow our fellow humans to love each other, whether they be LGBTQ or straight, if we refuse to find other economic and political models that stop any human from being used as the means to another’s ends, and if we refuse to safeguard each other and our planet, then praying to our own beliefs won’t solve any of humanity’s real problems. In fact, all our advances are in defiance of our religious irrational beliefs.

Terrifyingly, there are many people, in a large number of nations, who still live in denial of reality, centred on the thought of an afterlife that has never been proven to exist, seeking rewards from gods which hide in the heavens of our deranged thoughts.

At Restoration – AGENDA we understand that long term psychically damaged individuals, indoctrinated with religious belief from early childhood, often find acceptance of reality to be very difficult for them. In those instances it might seem kinder to allow them to continue in their ignorance, but without permitting them to impede the advances of our human search for truth in reality.

Some people will need the comfort that belief in their faith gives them. That comfort must not be inflicted on the young or the societies in which we live, or stop people from realising their inherent ability to make love regardless of gender.

Nothing can forgive the atrocities that religious belief has inflicted and still inflicts on the human race. If we do not disclaim and discard the barbaric bullying and bigoted traditional values of pious thought, power and corruption of reality, then what will be undeniably ‘real’ will be the insane horror of Holy conflict with reality, for the sake of an ancient mistaken identity - the unneeded and unwarranted belief in a god.

Furthermore, the need to encourage our young to adapt to change and evolve during their lifetimes should be as obvious as imparting the discovery of reality, to learn, to live and above all to love. And that should be the agenda for us all, no matter our individual gender.