Alternative Titles for Familiar Hate Organisations

NOM, National Organisation for Marriage = National Organisation failing Marriage

LC, Liberty Counsel = Libido Counsel

FRC, Family Research Council = Family Repress Council

MAA, Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance = Marriage Anti-information Alliance

FOF, Focus on the Family = Focus on the Fiction

ATM, Abiding Truth Ministries = Avoiding Truth Ministries

AFA, American Family Association = American Faulty Association

ATAH, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality = Americans for Truth About Heterosupremacy

AV, American Vision = American Vitriol

CAC, Christian Anti-Defamation Commission = Christian Anti-Copulation Commission

CWA, Concerned Women for America = Condescending Women of America

CRM, Coral Ridge Ministries = Corral Rights Ministries

DWOC, Dove World Outreach Center = Dove World Overreach Centre

FRI, Family Research Institute = Family Repress Institute

HOME, Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment = Heterosexuals Orgying for a Marvellous Entertainment

IFI, Illinois Family Institute = Illinois Falsity Institute

MR, MassResistance = MassReticence

TVC, Traditional Values Coalition = Traditional Violations Coalition