Opinion – Idea’s Illegitimate Cousin
By Bart Vogelzang

People have been modifying our world for eons, sometimes by simple happenstance, but much more often by coming up with ideas for change, and then implementing them. Let’s be honest; we all prefer the world around us to be as comfortable and easy to deal with as possible. If we can do something about it, we will work to fix things so they go the way we want.

We go to school to learn how to do things, not to mention expanding our horizons, so that we can think up further innovative ideas to implement. Many of us develop long-term plans, which are completed over many years, all being aimed at improving our lot in life.

Unfortunately, not everyone desires innovation in their lives, and don’t even seek to just coast along at status quo, but will instead go to some effort to persuade others to make changes not directly benefiting themselves. They have discovered a devious method of influencing others; by proffering their unsolicited opinion.

Opinion, like any legitimate idea, has some innovation or creativity of thought behind it, but with the sole purpose of causing someone to consider acting or thinking differently. Unsolicited expressions of opinion seem to only benefit those who utter them, in creating some form of self-affirmation, rather than doing anything for the listener.

That is not to say that opinions cannot be good ones, seeking to better the world’s woes, but they most definitely cannot stand on their own, needing effort on someone else’s part to achieve anything.

Whereas ideas can be personal convictions to be shared so that everyone involved with them works together to move forward towards a cause or goal, opinions are predominantly convictions that can tear apart what has already been achieved, or work actively to dissuade further progress.

The diversity of opinions expressed can be many, and somewhat amusing to observe, as each stated opinion nearly always contradicts others, with seldom any movement towards a positive result. Opinions about people’s thinking or behaviour is particularly counter-productive, as hardly anybody has ever changed their way of thinking, or started acting differently, based solely on another’s opinion. An idea, freely offered, might cause positive change, but unsolicited opinion, recognized almost instantly by everyone as being a criticism, will usually just cause the recipient to ‘dig in their heels’ and refuse to even consider budging.

Right wing opinions will never succeed at queering any LGBTQ person’s intrinsic knowledge of their own sexuality without resorting to completely irrational arguments. I’m sure they are intended to, but it just cannot happen. Gay opinions offered about right wing opinion givers stand a much better chance of succeeding because they are based on fact. Until a legitimate idea comes along that everyone can work with, illegitimate opinions will just keep being used ineffectively, sadly not even satisfying any of those slinging them.

And yes, this is my opinion, already queered, and I hope to change everyone’s minds about offering opinions, but I know better to expect that to happen…but it is fun trying.