Trans-gendered and the Naked - Thoughts
By Bart Vogelzang

Truthfully, there are at least TWO sides to any situation in which people meet, and if that meeting takes place partially or completely nude (like in locker rooms), the comfort (or discomfort) of each person should be considered. Gender identification may well be a reasonable cause for using another washroom (with private cubicles), but in a wide open locker room it ignores the physical reality of having two different sexual bodies present and naked near each other, each visible to the other. The discomfort shared by all those present should not be ignored.

That said, the solution offered by both sides have been stupid at best. Discriminate against the trans-gendered, or feel victimized by the lone person. Neither of these is satisfactory, and certainly confrontation about these situations is never going to make things better. What is needed is a completely different approach.

The best idea is having universal washrooms and locker rooms, with each person being totally unabashed at being naked in front of anyone else. However, that is not going to happen any time soon. Most men aren't comfortable being naked, even with only other male bodies present, and I suspect that women are much the same way. I doubt that it is genetics, but the taboos against full nudity seem to include even the most primitive of tribes in the most remote communities on this earth, and have done so for countless thousands of years. Certainly, some people are able to overcome their indoctrination about nudity, but they are a very small percentage indeed.

The next best approach is probably the one in which each washroom and each locker room is divided into concealing partitions. Since there are often people who are uncomfortable being naked in the direct presence of anyone else, many locker room facilities already include sections of curtained partitions, and in many cases these include individual showers. That is often the case with newer facilities.

It has been said, by generations of nudists, also known as naturists, that anyone being totally naked in the presence of other totally naked people will quickly realize that they are unique and very much not unique at the same time. The full gamut of human shapes is present for all to see, in all conditions, and each is very likely to become less critical, and more accepting of their own bodies, and others, realizing that each is the same, and yet different. One has only to look at the changes since even showing a naked ankle was shocking, to realize that we could change things for the better. Many European countries have nude beaches, and one rarely hears of issues. We just need to learn to get over the hang-ups and indoctrinated taboos, so that we can all be comfortable in our own skins.