How Come It’s Okay On The Internet?
By Bart Vogelzang

“Hey, you little whore…get your lazy ass down here, now!” Those were the words that woke up Taylor on the first day of school. Mom was in great form today, surpassing her normal self. “And don’t dress like a slut like you normally do. You’d better look great, although how you’ll do that is anybody’s guess.”

“On my way, mom. Sorry.”

As Taylor entered the kitchen, mom managed to speak a few words of praise. “You look like you’d be a great centerfold in the plus size magazine. Well done, piggy. I suppose your going to stuff your face now?”

“Well, mom, I do need to eat something before I go to school.”

“Something? You mean a lot of everything. Hell, you’d bankrupt a buffet breakfast if you had the chance. And what’s with the hamburger face? Been eating too many chocolates again…your face looks like it’s made up of exploding measles or something. Are you ever going to grow up and look human?”

“Sorry, mom.”

“You’re sorry…I have to put up with knowing you…everyone knows we are together. I wish you’d never been born. Maybe you should just go kill yourself and save everyone the trouble of dealing with your idiotic stupidity.”

Obviously this type of behaviour on the part of the mother would result in possible Child Protective Services intervention, particularly if there was also physical abuse. So why is this type of bullying and belittling considered, by some, to be okay on the internet? If it is improper face to face, it is improper online. Stop cyber bullying whenever you encounter it.