What’s the Most Useless Thing To Do?
By Bart Vogelzang

Oh, I’m sure that there are many useless things we could all do, but surely the worse one would be something that requires incredible dedication, energy, financial and emotional resources, and accomplishes absolutely NOTHING.

The age-old game of Tug-of-war is played by opposing players, or teams, grabbing onto a rope and pulling in opposite directions. Much posturing, shouting, and energy abounds, but the final result is that almost invariably nobody actually accomplishes anything and they change their position only by inches. Bragging rights are granted, but only till the next game, and the stupidity starts all over again.

Much of politics is like that, and a Presidential race is the very embodiment of this stupidity. Ever more money, emotionality, and resources are thrown into the game, each side upping the ante, and the anti, so that by the time the ‘game’ is won, everyone is depleted, but nobody has really changed position.

It seems to me that the politics of same sex relationships is very much like that too. Millions of dollars are thrown into efforts like Prop 8, from both sides, yet after all is said and done, all that has really happened is a tiny shift. The vast majority of people have made no change in their position on the subject.

If we, as human beings, are to advance, we need to learn to work together toward a common end, not simply fight to come to a grinding halt.