Shoving Genitalia In Your Face
By Bart Vogelzang

It is springtime in much of the northern hemisphere, and just about everywhere we see evidence of this with myriad blossoms. Some shrubs and trees start with blooms, followed shortly by the emergence of leaves, yet others do it in the opposite order, with new life sustaining leaves adding strength to the plant before it produces a seductive display of blossoms. Bulbs do the same thing, with some producing greenery first, soon to be followed with blooms, and others ejecting out of the ground with resplendent finery. Of course they have ulterior motives, if one can assign motives to plants.

Each plant is trying to maximize its opportunity to reproduce, and easy access by a pollinating agent is essential. Staggering their blossoming periods gives the pollinators a chance to visit the same species, one after the other, furthering their reproduction. If too many species tried to compete by blossoming the same time, there would be less likelihood that any one plant would receive the necessary DNA from another of the same species.

What many people don’t realize is that it is not just bees in their many variations doing the pollinating, but moths, butterflies, bats, hummingbirds, flies, and many others much less obvious. Mother Nature even uses the wind and the rain as pollinators, easily seen in many areas when clouds of pollen mask the landscape, often causing allergic reactions in people and other animals.

The ‘dirty little secret’ that often goes unsaid is that the blossoms and flowers are the sex organs of plants; floral genitalia. They are their primary reproductive organs and the most gentile belle, and the most dignified gentleman, won’t even think twice about shoving genitalia in your face. “Here, sniff this,” is commonly heard at this time of year. “Isn’t this beautiful,” they exclaim, pointing to the delicate folds of the exquisite rosebud just opening, seemingly for their personal pleasure.

The variety of Nature, some call it God’s garden, is immense, and it is obvious to all in the LGBTQ branches of our family that we are simply part of that variety. The foolishness of denying natural variety in our species seems to be strongest in the religious conservative camp; but it’s not as if plants, or people, can change their very natures. Religious tilting at self-created windmills of constraint will do nothing but cause distress, whilst acceptance of the reality of diversity will lead to peace and contentment, allowing all to face enjoyment of their genitalia in their own most satisfying ways.